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A bit about me: I'm a Lecturing Fellow in the Thompson Writing Program at Duke University, which means that I design and teach evolutionary anthropology-based writing classes for first-year students. And I love it. I'm also an academic advisor to first- and second-year students and I'm involved in broader university initiatives and student organizations that promote diversity, access, and retention (particularly within the natural sciences).

My research has explored various aspects of social behavior, ecology, and cognition in several primate species at the Península de Yucatán Spider Monkey Reserve in Mexico, the Kakamega Forest in Kenya, the Ometepe Biological Field Station in Nicaragua, and the Lehman College Primate Cognition Laboratory in New York. My latest project investigates how social dynamics, body postures, and locomotion influence the use of gestural communication in gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos (our closest living relatives) to identify factors that shape gestural communication and test hypotheses for how human language may have originated.

When I'm not reading papers or following primates around, I travel and take pictures. If you want see some of my latest trips and photo projects, check out my photography page. It's a work in progress, so check back often.